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 With us today is Christian and so he’s  here for a couple of days and so he  called us up and wanted to see.

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If you  know we could do a Skin Essentials Denver treatment and of  course he said yes and so we’re looking  forward to working on his back he is  doing really well he’s clearing up  really nicely he’s using a sulfur-based  washed and medicated and then we’re of  course using our  percent acid wash to  priests often those areas for him and so  what.

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We’re going to be working on Skin Essentials Denver is  mostly black as I run ahead and just  probe some of them already so let’s see  here we go Christian thank you so much  for allowing us to to film you and  appreciate it  you’re coming up very quickly very receptive  I’m stretching that skin.

we’re small  it’s so if you look at the first video  you can it was very hard for me to  extract he wasn’t primed or prepped he had just come in and you know we just  started doing his treatment what a difference priming and prepping that  skin  it’s just they become so receptive.

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They’re ready to you extract Skin Essentials Denver it and I’m  not having to struggle with doing the extractions itself so I love it  of course inflammatory and then non inflammatory I’ll go back to that in a  little bit and open that up  whenever you have acting on what.

we call  that trunk area yes of course would be  has his back it’s really vital that you  do exfoliate that skin and you wash your  skin twice daily if possible but at  least once a day and that will help dry  up those lesions because of clothing  covering up the skin.