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cannabis infusion

Press and you know advice and they’ve asked me to be a mentor here which is awesome thanks again guys also gonna be the new home of investing cannabis so we’re gonna do most of our shows here.

It’s a great space in addition to the incubator which you have to be accepted for there’s also gateway works which is just a really cool place where you can come and buy a desk a monthly desk right I think it’s for the month get away from your roommates.

You don’t have to worry about having a stuck-up landlord it’s hard to find desk a it’s hard to find a place to work in the cannabis world and then you can be a part of this cannabis entrepreneur community as well and you can benefit from the other founders great synergy here if you’ve never been in a co-working space it’s like the way to start a company.

I’m a micro doser general and I’ll have a product and the next time I have it the effect seems drastically different and we talked about entourage effects and those kind of things but it does seem like the dosage is a little part of it you know part of it is you know the the process you know if you’re doing a chocolate are you getting a homogenous blend of let’s.

Say that you have a gallons out of chocolate and you’re putting in I don’t know let’s say five grams of concentrate so you have this really small amount of concentrate in this large amount of chocolate well how do you mix that off of you two so that it’s homogeneous so that when you pour it out into your molds that it’s consistent you know that’s one of the challenges.

That we have we wanted to say hey how can we make you know how can we dose twenty pounds of coffee so we don’t have to do this each time right right and how do you do that well we we haven’t figured that out yeah I mean there are there’s some pharmaceutical-grade equipment.

That we can buy but it doesn’t allow us to do it like a weight based distribution from powder because we powder eyes our concentration okay to make it more water-soluble but take me through that process so you buy oil right and then you convert it into powder so we buy oil and then we add we we basically heat it up so we buy it it’s D carb decarboxylated so it’s activated so we don’t have to worry about that.


Derrick Hudson