Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Colorado Hemp Oil

Stirring it and Colorado hemp oil mixing it together you can see after about five or six minutes Maya it was loosening up and it was beginning to to be easy to stir but it still was not incorporating the oil in there but after about or minutes it got hot enough where the oil or the butter oil was incorporated into the caramel and you can mix that it makes that good.

You’ll see that it finally it’ll become one nice consistency okay and at that point you can remove it and while it’s still hot I’m putting it into a rectangular shaped smaller dish and you’ll probably also want to spray your dish with some kind of cooking spray to keep the caramel from sticking and now we’re going to put that in the refrigerator and let it get completely cooled off that may take to minutes or so but once your caramel is cooled you.

can go ahead and begin the next step and that’s going to be to put the little bit of Canterbury that we have the one teaspoon of Canada butter and to our double boiler there and now we’re adding in about a half pound of the dipping chocolate this dipping.

chocolate is a really high-quality chocolate it uses no hydrogenated oil or anything like that it’s a good quality natural american-made chocolate it’s very good and now we’re cutting our caramel which is cooled off into equal sections so I’ll cut it three times across and four times down well that was actually two cuts and three cuts to equal sections.

But you can figure that out yourselves and cut that into as equal as possible pieces and if you just like caramels you could go ahead and go with a recipe just like it is you could just make and fuse caramels and chew on those caramels the caramels really delicious as it is but we’re going to chocolate coat ours so we have our chocolate that’s infused and the reason I fuse a little bit of the oil into the chocolate is to kind of layer the flavor of the cannabis in there if I had all the.

cannabis inside of the caramel and nothing in the chocolate it’s very possible that you would really sort of taste the marijuana and the caramel kind of overbearing a little bit strong but by adding a little bit into the chocolate as well it sort of kind of brings that flavor into the whole.