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You had you were lucky you fell right into it five well you get that a lot of us know you get a lot of off-of questions on your on your YouTube channel around that you people excited for your next video but for the folks that are now seeing you and want to get in.

it might be a little scared can you share what you’ve learned and what advice would you give folks what Precision Online recommend starts out slow start doing some stuff in programming don’t immediately get into.o the harder sort of thing start with really simple applications and don’t develop when.

you need to develop you want to essentially program things randomly, for example, learned Swift like pretty much entirely due to the fact that first of all I’m writing a book on it it’s folios app developers for beginners and also because I would just programming stuff randomly.

I didn’t wait for me to need to programming something or for I wanted to make an iOS app an order Precision Online¬†program in something for one day trade prime number checker the mastery number generator stuff like that and so just randomly anything I times it’ll create

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YouTube video on it to help people you could also use again a YouTube channel sort of a place to learn to program and so use the internet as resource every developer has to pull that late night and sometimes you pups to pull an all-nighter have.

you pulled an all- coding that’s not happy about that trouble without stuck he was doing it on the cover but also developers also struggle sometimes on the really hard problem and then the satisfaction of cracking the code or breaking through can you give us an example where you were pulling your hair out.

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Communicator to help your audience feel comfortable and we do by managing our anxiety so let me introduce you to a few techniques that I think you can use right away to help you feel more comfortable the first has to do with when you begin to feel those.

Anxiety symptoms for most people this happens then the initial minutes prior to speaking in this situation what happens as many of us begin to feel whatever it is that happens to you maybe your stomach gets a little gurgle maybe your legs begin to shake maybe you begin.

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To perspire and then we start to say to ourselves oh my goodness I’m nervous oh oh they’re gonna tell I’m nervous this is not going to go well and we start spiraling out of control so research ion mindful attention tells us that if when we begin to feel those anxiety symptoms we simply greet our anxiety and say hey this is me feeling nervous I’m about to do something of consequence.

In simply by greeting your anxiety and acknowledging it that it’s normal and natural heck % of people tell us they have it you actually can stem the tide of that anxiety spiraling out of control it’s not necessarily going to reduce the anxiety but it will stop it from spinning up so the next time you begin to feel those exhibit anxiety signs take a deep breath and say this is me feeling.

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Anxious I notice a few of you taking some notes there’s a handout that will come at the end that has everything that I’m supposed to say okay can’t guarantee I’m gonna say it but I you’ll have it there in addition to this approach a technique that works very well and this is a technique that I help do some research on way back when I was in graduate school has to do with re framing how you see the speaking situation most of us when we are up presenting planned or spontaneous we feel that.

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This saddle and as I fold it it costs me some energy because I have to stretch my facets a little bit and I’ll play this again you will actually see that the energy goes up and then it goes down soit’s flat fordable over here which means all the conditions are satisfied there and there but in between I have to stretch it okay all right and then this has implications the machine.

so you have implications for architecture implications for machines you can also ask how much material does it cost to Importance Of Science essentially take a flat sheet and fold it and now the question is one of accuracy and effort if I give you a lot of time or equivalently very small facets then I can make a very very good approximation of a covering for my header yours but if I don’t give.

you that and I don’t and you don’t have the patience and I can get a very coarse view so there is this trade-off between accuracy and effort and I’m showing you this over here for what you would get when.

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I had low accuracy but I can do it very Importance Of Science fast and as I go up I’ve shown you what happens when I increase the accuracy with smaller and smaller facet sand you can make this quantitative you can make this mathematical but I want again get into the details of that all right so I’m I’m done so I want to basically.

Finish I told you about these Importance Of Science examples which started out in art intact I deliberately kept this one for the last I think this is the first example at least that I know of in European traditions of origami appearing you may have to peer a little hard to see it but this is essentially painting by Brobdingnagian on this woman’s dress near the neck you can actually see the.